Aurora on Voss

LB9CI and Lb4bi Frequency

ham radio frequency at Voss(norway)


Hello.  welcome to the  website.we are two ham operators at Voss who made this website!  Lb9ci and LB4bi!  We do  amateur radio at Voss in Norway!  I am 49 years old and have been running cb radio since 1980!  in recent years I have only been licensed him operator.  has made many great friends all over the world 🙂🤝 fantastic hobby we have!  i drive dx3000 past and my antennas are triple bazzokas and sirio 2016!  running 100 watts and not fixed me on steps yet!  welcome radio friends!  cq cq world Vh John nord Lb9ci and Lb4bi 🤝🙂✍️

Bazzoka 80m 40m 20m

Lb9ci and Tilla